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ERICO has an extensive product range covering a wide range of applications. Below are brief outlines of the major product lines we offer.

  • CADDY® Fasteners – Datacomm
    ERICO services the communications market cable support systems and faceplate brackets for Category 3 voice networks as well as for high-speed Category 5e and 6 cabling infrastructures.
  • CADDY® Fasteners – Electrical
    The CADDY line features over 700 products for conduit/cable, beam/purlin, stud wall, drywall, ceiling and acoustical applications.
  • CADDY® Fasteners – Mechanical
    ERICO has a full line of hangers, beam clamps, straps, strut support systems and seismic supports for mechanical and HVAC applications, plus solutions for fire protection and plumbing applications.
  • CADWELD® Welded Electrical Connections
    ERICO was the first to develop the exothermic welded electrical connections that will never loosen, corrode or increase in resistance.
  • CRITEC® Surge Protection Devices
    ERICO’s surge protection devices protect against damaging electrical surges on power and communications lines caused by lightning, industrial machinery, and other switching events.
  • ERIFLEX® System for Panelboard
    The ERIFLEX System of low-voltage, space-saving components for electrical panels have proven reliability and time-saving benefits, backed by superior technical support.
  • ERISTRUT® Strut and Accessories
    ERICO offers a range of strut profiles and accessories to complement the CADDY range of fasteners & fixings.
  • ERITECH® Grounding
    ERICO’s proven experience in providing grounding and bonding systems, including ground rods, ground enhancement material and signal reference grids, provides for the safe dissipation of energy.
  • ERITECH® Lightning Protection
    Lightning causes major problems for companies, including damaging buildings and critical equipment. ERICO has three main systems to protect facilities, based around our Six Point Protection Plan.
  • Industrial Electrical Products
    ERICO serves large industrial power consumers and original equipment manufacturers (such as aluminum smelters and zinc works) with quality connection technologies to maximize operation efficiency.
  • LENTON® Concrete Reinforcing Products
    ERICO was a pioneer in the construction industry and manufactures a complete line of rebar splicing systems. Our mechanical rebar splices can provide a better solution than traditional lap splices.
  • Rail Electrical and Bonding
    This range has expanded from signal and power bonds to include the best bonding, grounding and surge protection products for railroads, commuter railways and metropolitan transit systems.