Complete Line Card

ASAP Sales_New Jersey Line Card_11.1 (pdf)

New Jersey Manufacturers

Spec Drainage

Drains, cleanouts, carriers, interceptors, hydrants, floor sinks, traps, and support products

Stainless Steel

Drains, trench drains, and custom


Trench drains and catch basins

Light Commercial

EZDrains and wholesale specialty items


PHIX point-of-use acid neutralizer

Finish Plumbing

Complete line of commercial
faucets, flush valves, sensor products, commercial fixtures and ZurnOne fixture packages, and shower valves


Internet-connected flush valves, faucets, backflows, drains, for monitoring building maintenance and efficiency with water conservation


Backflow preventers, automatic control valves (PRV, Flo-Control, etc.), pressure regulators, flood control integrated systems, fire protection valves, and heating valves

Green Turtle/Proceptor

Fiberglass constructed gravity and hydromechanical FOG (Fats, Grease, and Oil) interceptors with lifetime warranties

Just Manufacturing

High-Quality manufacturer of residential and commercial stainless-steel designer and engineered sinks, commercial faucets, surgical/scrub sinks, and accessories

Potter Roemer

Interior hose and standpipe equipment, cabinets, connections, and valves to the fire protection industry


Outdoor drinking fountains and hydrants, along with a complete line of Indoor drinking fountains, coolers, chillers, and bottles-fillers

Mission XH

Heavyweight no-hub couplings


Engineered heated and non-heated enclosures for backflows and rooftop equipment

HoldRite (Converting Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions)

No-hub blowout restraints, water heater pans, pipe supports, no-hub test fittings, and firestop sealants and sleeving systems

Homestead Valves

Lubricated plug valves


Commercial stainless-steel sinks and tables

Hayward Flo-Control

PVC/CPVC/PolyPro manual or automatic ball and butterfly valves


Hangers, Roof Top Support Systems, Pipe Pyramids, and Seismic Bracing Solutions